New Features - August 2018 Last updated on 08/06/2018

Important Note: The items marked with * are customer requested features and may not be present in all sites of MediaFerry.

1. Introducing Grid Layout in MediaFerry


MediaFerry now supports Grid Layout to display list of projects in a tabular format. Grid layout can be switched on by clicking the active project tab, and then clicking on the List/Grid layout option above that tab. Users have option to toggle project views from list to a grid layout anytime, and vice versa.toggle between grid and list view
projects in grid view

Additionally, Grid layout will support creating custom views and filers. Users will be able to select/fix the columns/meta-data fields in their tabular views and apply filters as needed. These saved views can be made private or public, and can be further shared with other team members.

2. Introducing Audio Proofing in MediaFerry


MediaFerry SmartProof now supports proofing of native audio files ie. MP3, WAV, AAC etc. Alongside, the system has already been supporting proofing of multiple file formats across print, digital and video. MediaFerry's Audio proofing is supported by Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

While proofing an audio file,

  • Users will be able to play/pause the file and listen to its content
  • Users will be able to annotate on the audio timeline, either by pausing the audio file and mark comments. Or click on the comment icon while audio is being played, it will pause the audio and user will be able to mark comment on the marked position.

Additionally, when the audio is being played, the comments will be displayed. Revisions will be managed in the similar way as the other formats, so the user can switch between newer and older versions easily.

3. Ability to assign jobs to a preferred designer*


With this release, MediaFerry users will be able to assign jobs to a particular designer of their choice. Or, create a pool of designers to whom specific jobs can be allocated programmatically.

The assign function is called "Adopt a designer" and can be set for a particular advertiser also. For e.g. a designer can be assigned to a particular advertiser or set of advertisers, so all jobs of that advertiser will go the specified designer only.


4. Email notifications for new comments


MediaFerry will now send email alerts for any new comment added in a project. The email notifications will be sent to the project owner and other stakeholders of that project.


Improvements - August 2018 Last updated on 08/06/2018

Important Note: The items marked with * are customer requested features and may not be present in all sites of MediaFerry.

1. Integrated EOC reports from "" and "Facebook"*


MediaFerry has already been integrated with Now, we've also integrated with Facebook ad platforms using FTP. This will help us generate integrated End-of-campaign (EOC) reports using data from multiple platforms including Google DFP,, Facebook etc.

2. Improvements in "Google DSM" integration*


Proposal creation in Google DSM has been updated to accept new clients for existing rate cards and media. Also new creative sizes 120x600, 970x250, 300x600 and 320x100 have been added for the updated products. These can be found under "Client Type" metadata field.

Old clients have been renamed by adding "old" as a prefix. User now can select new client types or old client types to create proposals and take them live.

3. Improvements in "Google DFP" integration*

DFP API updated

We've updated the DFP API to version v201805. Also during this process, the googleads-php-lib client library is also updated as major changes have been made in this client library.

GDPR Update

DFP line item serving has been updated for the clients who fall under European GDPR. Now we specify in each line item if they are serving personalized ads or not. This is as per the process mentioned on:

DFP Spooler Update

MediaFerry spooler for auto renewing the jobs in DFP has been updated to improve performance.

4. Improvements in MediaFerry proofing*

Sharing of proof pdf

For some users, when "Email Artwork" action was selected to share proof of a job where multiple revisions are available, the system was just sending a link to the artwork but not the artwork as attachment. This algorithm has been updated now.

Updates in proof alert algorithm

MediaFerry can now send proof emails to multiple users programmatically i.e. proof emails can now be sent to multiple sales assistants, sales reps and other stake holders of a particular job. This is a custom feature and needs to be configured before it can be used.

Incontext proofing

Incontext Proofing has been updated to show new creative sizes, i.e. 970x250, 320x100, 300x600, 120x600.

5. Security improvements in MediaFerry

Improved User Authentication

The security algorithm for transferring information during user authentication has been updated and improved. The data passed is ow highly encrypted to avoid HTTPS tunnel based Man In The Middle attack and other security breaches.

Blocking upload of executable files in MediaFerry

MediaFerry will now restrict user to upload executable files in any format. Even if the user changes the file-extension, or compress an exe file to zip format, and then try to upload it, MediaFerry will block the upload.

URL encryption while uploading assets

While uploading assets into MediaFerry, the URL shows the "job-id" which can result into a security breach as someone might guess the job-id and view its assets. This has now been updated and the URL parameters are now encrypted.

6. Email notifications for "Release Failed" jobs*


Email notifications will be sent to CSE and MSE email-ids provided in the job's metadata for all digital jobs that can not be released due to errors and are currently in Release Failed status.


Fixes - August 2018 Last updated on 08/06/2018

Important Note: The items marked with * are customer requested features and may not be present in all sites of MediaFerry.

1. Daily summary emails being sent to users who have deactivated their MediaFerry ID*


Daily summary emails were sent to users who have disabled their Mediaferry ID. This has been fixed and daily summary emails will be sent to only those users who have an active MediaFerry ID.

2. SmartCorrect resizing artworks to 300x250*


For some users, SmartCorrect defaulted the artwork to size 300x250 and re-created script of 300x250 size. This has been fixed now.