New Features - March 2019 Last updated on 03/17/2019

Important Note: The items marked with * are customer requested features and may not be present in all sites of MediaFerry.

1. Introducing MediaFerry Learning Center


MediaFerry Learning Centre is now live and available from within MediaFerry. Users can now learn about MediaFerry features with step-by-step instructions to use those features by just clicking the learning center icon.MediaFerry-Learning-Center-1

By clicking the icon, users will be redirected to a new tab where the Learning Center will load. Users can browse different categories and sub-categories to learn more about MediaFerry. Additionally, they can contact the support team directly if they want to learn more about any specific feature or want the team to add a step-by-step guide for a particular feature which is not there yet.MediaFerry-Learning-Center-2

2. Introducing SmartTrafficking in MediaFerry


We're introducing a new feature called SmartTrafficking in MediaFerry. This feature would allow users to view only those jobs that have been allocated to them, or they've modified the job earlier. Also, users will be auto-allocated jobs depending on their skill sets. They will be allowed to manually request for more jobs if they have completed all of their allocated jobs. In case users want to return any of the allocated jobs, they can also push it back by changing job status or requesting Traffic Manager to do the same. MediaFerry-SmartTrafficking-1

To access this feature, users would need to set their preferences first which includes their skill sets, the type of job they work on i.e. print, digital, new build, pick-up with change etc.MediaFerry-SmartTrafficking-2

If the preferences are not set and the users try to access SmartTrafficking then a warning message will be displayed.MediaFerry-SmartTrafficking-3

3. Introducing SmartAlerts for Ad Servers*


MediaFerry will now send real-time alerts to all clients who are using it's fully automated digital campaign trafficking functionality if any issue arises between the system and Ad Server and MediaFerry is unable to traffic campaigns as expected. Some of the scenarios when alerts will be sent are — jobs not getting renewed correctly, wrong impression count, campaign status mismatch between MediaFerry and Ad Server, job paused in MediaFerry but live in Adserver or vice versa etc.

Also, MediaFerry will give real-time pop-up notifications to users when they divert from a predefined automated workflow.

4. Introducing Messages tab in MediaFerry


We have introduced a new section called "Messages" under View/Edit window in MediaFerry. In this section, all the comments and queries will be shown for that particular job and users can use this for communication as well.MediaFerry-Messages

Detailed logs sometimes lead to confusion as they contain a lot of data and there are higher chances of missing a query or a comment. With this new section, all the communication related to a job will be in one place with new queries or comments appearing on top of the list.

5. GDPR compliance in MediaFerry*


MediaFerry will now protect advertiser's personal information i.e Name, Email Address & Contact Number etc. and won't display it in the job metadata.MediaFerry-GDPR

By default, all personal information will be hidden. In case, any user needs any information, they have the option to view these details using a "Show Info" icon. By clicking on the "Show Info" icon, the user will be prompted with a message that says "You are trying to access personal information of the client. Are you sure you want to view?" with options - Yes and Cancel to accept or cancel the request.

If the user clicks on "Yes" then the information will be displayed and a log entry will be created with appropriate message in the job's activity log. Also, the user can view information about only one job at a time.

6. Ability to mark a job-revision as an Amend or an Error


Workflow or Traffic Managers can now mark a job-revision as an Amend or an Error. When a job is re-submitted with corrections, sometimes it remains unclear whether it is an amend or an error. To cater this, now the Workflow or Traffic Manager will have the ability to review the job-revision and mark it as an Amend or an Error. Designers, Sales Users, CSEs and other users will only be able to view this information inside the job's Activity Feed but they won't be allowed to edit it.MediaFerry-Category

7. Check-In - Check-Out now available for non-print jobs*


When a user checks out a job, MediaFerry will now download all the assets in the cache folder set by the user. And during Check-In, it will upload the files back to MediaFerry. Also, for non print jobs, files with following formats/extensions can be used for proofing: .zip, .pdf, .mp4 and .mp3.

8. Traffic Sponsored Content jobs to DFP*


MediaFerry now pushes Sponsored Content jobs to DFP. These sponsored content jobs have no creatives but they use 3rd party creative tags. While trafficking of these jobs, MediaFerry will create the order and line items according to the pre-defined settings provided by the customer.

Improvements - March 2019 Last updated on 03/17/2018

Important Note: The items marked with * are customer requested features and may not be present in all sites of MediaFerry.

1. Improvements in MediaFerry Grid View*


The user can now select its Default view i.e. either he can see Grid or List view as per his favorite view. To set the favorite default view, the user needs to click on the heart symbol.Grid View

A new tab All Projects is added along with the other tabs like Active Project, Proofs to View etc. which showcases all the projects available in MediaFerry.All Project

The default row limit set to 50 in the Grid view

Save Filter, Add Column and Export are now available into three dots in the header section.

In View or Edit section of a job, clicking on the back button will redirect the user to filter he came from and not to the default view.

While the user will Export the data in an Excel Sheet the system will check if the user has selected any job/jobs.Export

If selected, a pop-up will appear asking if the user want to export only selection or entire filter. In no job/jobs selected, the system will export entire filter with all the selected columns.Selection

All occurrences of revisions are changed to versions

In case of a custom filter in Grid view, MediaFerry will now retain the same column position on how a user has set even when a user reloads the view or sign in MediaFerry. Also, if a user exports the view the same column position will appear in the downloaded file.

System filter is now collated under the System Filters and new space is provided for the user to mark his Favourite filters so that an easy switch to filters can occur as per user choice.MediaFerry-GDPR

2. Improvements in job reprocessing process after it has been released*


In case, a user needs to rework on a released job, then there is an updated workflow for Job Reprocessing. The user needs to click on "Reprocess" button for that job and the workflow will start.MediaFerry-Reprocess-1

Once the reprocess workflow starts, the following two things may happen:

Scenario - 1

If the release date is today or of a future date, the user will be prompted with a message that the job is already released. In case the user still proceeds ahead, MediaFerry will change the job status to Ready For Proof, un-approve all the finished files and open SmartProof window so that user can mark changes in the job.MediaFerry-Reprocess-2

Scenario - 2

In case, the release date has passed then the user will be prompted that job's release date is passed and if he/she still wants to continue he/she can either order this job as a New Build, Pick-up With Change or do a Straight Pick-up. The user needs to then set the priority and the new release date for the new job.MediaFerry-Reprocess-3

In case the user selects New Build then Mediaferry will zip all the assets, finished files and brief in a zip and store it in the assets tab. Job version will be set to 1, based on the priority the wanted date will be pre-calculated and the job view edit window will open and the user can select which status he/she wants to have.

In case the user selects Pick-up With Change then all assets, finished files and brief will be zipped and uploaded in assets tab. The user will be prompted to input the pickup job number and then the assets will be copied accordingly. Then Smartproof will open and the user can mark changes and job will be set to Corrections Received status.

In case the user selects Straight Pick-up then the latest proof version will be un-approved, job status will be pre-release and job's version will be set to 1.

3. Ability to refresh data in Grid View*

List refresh option in Grid view

Sometimes it takes a long time to refresh the job list and data in Grid View. With this new refresh option, users can update the information manually as well.

4. New job category added*


A new job category Advertorial has been added in MediaFerry. This will help users to book an Advertorial job. By selecting this category the Creative Level of the job will be set to Level 4 and the Priority will be set to Level 6. This will allow a longer SLA for the jobs booked under this category.MediaFerry-Category

5. Alphabetical order for Business Categories*


Business Categories in SmartDesign are now arranged in alphabetical order.

6. New design for EOC reports*


End of Campaign (EOC) reports are now re-designed and re-formatted to display data in a new user-friendly design.

7. Heat map API updated*


The API used to showcase location based clicks was deprecated due to which the End Of Campaign reports were not pulling the data. The API has been updated and the heat map enabled reports are now fetching data.

8. New logic for WPTO reporting*


Web Page takeover reports are now updated to reflect data with a new logic by dividing the impressions by the factor of the number of ad units being used for a WPTO ad.

Fixes - March 2019 Last updated on 03/17/2019

Important Note: The items marked with * are customer requested features and may not be present in all sites of MediaFerry.

1. Spam email notifications*


Email notifications were being sent to clients for every asset upload. This was triggering a lot of spam emails - it has been fixed now.

2. Incorrect job count*


There was a difference in job count in List view vs Grid view. This has been fixed.