New Features - March 2022 Last updated on 03/10/2022

Important Note: The items marked with * are customer-requested features and may not be present in all sites of MediaFerry.

1.Proofing module enhancements*

To communicate better with the client, MediaFerry has included a section named Designer comments with the proof. This section would offer better customer service and reduce the number of reworks and push backs from the client if the reasoning behind the design work is explained to them.

  1. The Design Comments field would be available for all orders and for all designers. The Design Comments would therefore be available on all proofs, even if the comments section was empty.

  2. A custom footer is included to provide Client branding, which would be global and appear on all the proofs.

Note - This is a configurable item.


2. MediaFerry - Adpoint Integration*

MediaFerry is now integrated with Adpoint using API, which would be advancing the workflow from awaiting creative to the Finance queues for job types - Camera Ready, Camera Ready with Fix, New Builds, and Not Specified. This update ensures MediaFerry communicates with Ad Point at the Ad level when the creative is uploaded in MediaFerry for above stated job types and helps reduce errors and delays and provide a more seamless experience to users.

Improvements - March 2022 Last updated on 03/10/2022

Important Note: The items marked with * are customer-requested features and may not be present in all sites of MediaFerry.

1. New Job SubType added*

A new job sub type "Manual Copy by Designer" added to MediaFerry that behaves like "Validated by Designer". This new subtype will allow MediaFerry to better cater to the needs of some clients who require a manual copy review process.

2. MediaFerry's Admin portal update*

  • MediaFerry's Admin portal has been updated to include a new functionality for managing User Defined Unit sizes. This will allow users to have more control over the units used in the design process, making it easier to create designs that meet specific size requirements.

  • The ability to manage User Defined Unit sizes using a CSV file is a smart move that will make it easier for users to input and update their unit size data. With the ability to Add, Edit, and Delete units from the CSV file, users can ensure that their design work is always up to date and accurately reflects their specific requirements.

  • The link is named as User Defined Unit Sizes, making it easier for users to find and access this feature within the Admin portal.

  • 3. Improved Pickup Process *

  • MediaFerry’s pickup process of a Print ad into Digital and vice-versa has been improved. This new functionality will make it easier for users to switch between print and digital jobs and ensure that all the necessary assets are copied into the project files

  • If a user is picking a PDF into a digital and/or vice-a-versa the system will give a warning to the user when performed manually using the action stating. "You are trying to pick up a job that does not have the same job type, thereby all assets will be copied into the Project Files, however, no proof will be generated, click continue to copy assets or cancel".

  • The warning message that is displayed when a user tries to pick up a job that does not have the same job type will help to prevent errors and reduce the likelihood of confusion. This warning message will help users to understand the potential implications of picking up a job with a different job type and make an informed decision on how to proceed.

  • By displaying this warning message, the system is helping to ensure that users do not accidentally generate a proof for a job that is not intended for that job type, which could lead to wasted time and effort. Instead, the system will copy all the assets into the project files and give the user the option to continue or cancel.

  • The production status of the job will not change to Ready for Proof when assets are copied into the project files. This ensures that the job status reflects its current status in the workflow and helps to prevent confusion or misunderstandings.

  • Note - MediaFerry will never execute the Straight Pickup workflow for such a situation and will continue to function the way it does right now. Also, this is a configurable item.This means that users can customize this feature based on their specific needs and workflows.

    4. Pop-up warning enabled*

  • The addition of a pop-up warning in MediaFerry when a booking is still in Live status and an asset is added or text is populated in the copy field/production notes is a useful feature that helps prevent errors and ensure that the production process runs smoothly.

  • By reminding the user that the job is still in Live status, the pop-up warning gives them the opportunity to decide whether to send the job to the Production Team or not. This allows users to make sure that they are only sending jobs to the Production Team when they are ready, which can help reduce errors and improve the efficiency of the production process.

  • MediaFerry will pop up a warning 'Your order is still on a status of 'Live', would you like to send it to the Production Team?'

  • If the user chooses to send the job to the Production Team by clicking "Yes", the job will be changed to "Ready for Production". This ensures that the job is moved through the production process in a timely and efficient manner. If the user clicks "No", the job will be saved as it is and they can close it down, giving them the opportunity to make further edits before sending it to the Production Team.

  • 5. MediaFerry to GAM Trafficking update*

    MediaFerry has updated their Traffick to GAM feature for House Advertisers. This update includes the label of the Advertiser being added to the order and the line item priority being set based on the different House Ads advertisers.

    • For all House Ads, the line item priority will be set to "House 16".
    • For House Priority 1, the line item priority will be set to "Standard 8".
    • For House Priority 2, the line item priority will be set to "Bulk 12".
    • And for House Priority 3, the line item priority will be set to "House 16".

    This will help to improve the management and prioritization of House Advertiser campaigns in GAM.

    6. Google Campaign Management update*

    1. MediaFerry has now made it possible for users to pause and restart a campaign without logging into the GAM. This feature is designed to provide convenience and ease of use for the users. Users can simply access the drop-down menu and select the pause or restart option to manage their campaigns.

    2. Users can also view the EOC report directly from the drop down menu and don't have to login to multiple platforms to manage/review the campaigns

    3. In addition, a custom footer has been included in MediaFerry to provide client branding. This feature is global and will appear on all proofs, allowing clients to showcase their branding consistently across all campaigns.

      7. MediaFerry Reporting - Brandmetrics update*

      MediaFerry’s Brandmetrics reporting integration has been updated. Here are the main changes:

      1. All campaigns with 50K+ impressions will now be Brandmetrics enabled, which means that Brandmetrics reports will be available for those campaigns.

      2. The campaign goal, which comes in the XML feed, will be pushed to GAM (Google Ad Manager) as well.

      3. If a campaign has fewer than 100 surveys, no Brand Metric report will be populated, and the user will receive a custom notification.

      4. Finally, the industry type, which also comes in the XML feed, will be passed to GAM.

      The update will provide better reporting capabilities for MediaFerry users and improve the integration with Brandmetrics.

      8. Proofing Module - Spooler update*

      The proofing spooler in MediaFerry has been updated with a custom spooler that runs every 15 minutes and updates contact details for proof recipients. The spooler will update all ad records for the respective account based on the following criteria:

      1. If a CSV is received with a list to update.

      2. MediaFerry runs a spooler that spools the data and updates all ad records for the respective account.

      3. The ad records to update will be for jobs with the run date equal to today or later.

      4. The spooler will run from 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM IST, and if the CSV has any records, it will update the jobs and make an entry in the activity feed of the affected jobs indicating that the proof contact email address has been updated from old email addresses to new ones by the proof contact update spooler. “The proof contact email address has been updated from, to, by proof contact update spooler.”

      This will be helpful for ensuring that the correct contact details are used when sending proofs to clients.

      9. Billing Spooler update*

    4. MediaFerry's billing spooler has been updated to consider picking up a job again when it has the same job number and is in Live status. This will make the job move into Awaiting Pick-up or Ready for Proof and allow for the job assets to be picked up again. It is important to note that this feature only applies to Straight Pick-up jobs and not to Pick-up with Change jobs.
    5. MediaFerry's billing spooler will help a user by allowing them to easily pick up a job again when it has the same job number and is in Live status. This means that if there was an issue with the initial job assets, they can be easily picked up again without having to create a new job.
    6. 10. Misc. updates - Spooler*

      Camera-ready now works for Digital jobs. For digital, MediaFerry will be able to match the size with Fielded data and accordingly be able to rename the file.The updates in the spooler for digital jobs will help the user in the following ways:

      1. MediaFerry can now automatically match the size of the provided Material ID with the size of the uploaded digital files automatically, saving time for the user in manually matching and processing the files. This means that MediaFerry will be able to match the dimensions (width x height in pixels) of the provided Material ID with the size of the uploaded JPEG/JPG/GIF/ZIP files. Once matched, the job will be processed
      2. In case of any mismatch in the size of the uploaded files, the job will be left in Preflight status with a clear message in the activity feed, informing the user about the specific file that could not be mapped. This will help the user to identify and rectify the issue quickly.
      3. In case the Material ID is not provided in the fielded data, MediaFerry will simply rename the uploaded assets with the job number and size, which will make it easier for the user to identify the files.
      4. If multiple assets are uploaded with the same size, MediaFerry will differentiate them using V1, V2, V3, etc. in the file name, which will help the user to identify and track the assets easily.

      This update in the spooler for digital jobs will save time for the user in manually matching and processing the files, and will provide clear messages and file naming conventions to help the user identify and rectify any issues that may arise.

      11. Shadow Process update*

    7. The shadow process in MediaFerry has been updated to handle bulk XML file uploads without any speed issues. This means that users can now upload multiple XML files at once, without any delays or speed issues.
    8. The updated shadow process ensures that the files are processed quickly and efficiently, saving time and effort for the users. This update will be particularly useful for users who need to process a large number of XML files on a regular basis, such as publishers or advertisers who need to manage multiple campaigns or jobs simultaneously.
    9. 12. SmartReports update*

      SmartReports, a tool used for generating reports, has been updated to include the name of the designer who created the report. This information will be displayed in the metadata section of the report, specifically in the Project metadata field under the label "Assigned operator name." This will help users know who created the report and who to contact if they have questions or need assistance with the report.


      13. Activity Feed update*

      The wording used in the Activity Feed has been modified to reflect changes made to the "Bleed Flag" feature. Specifically, when a user checks the bleed flag, the Activity Feed will display the message "activated," and when a user unchecks the bleed flag, it will display the message "deactivated." This change will help users understand more clearly the current state of the Bleed Flag feature and what actions have been taken in relation to it.

      14. SmartDesign naming convention update*

      SmartDesign is updated to support custom asset names. Previously, proofs generated by SmartDesign were saved using a naming convention based on the job name and size. However, with this new update, users can now configure SmartDesign to save proofs with a custom name. This requires the user to provide a custom name and size in the "fielded data" custom metadata field. For example, if the fielded data has the creative name "Material id - size1" and "Material id - size2," the files generated by SmartDesign will be renamed as "Material id_size 1" and "Material id_size2" respectively. This feature will help users better organize and identify their proofs with custom names.

    Fixes - March 2022 Last updated on 03/10/2022

    Important Note: The items marked with * are customer-requested features and may not be present in all sites of MediaFerry.

    Miscellaneous Bug Fixes*

    Some of the MediaFerry users have reported bugs in the system though these were limited to a few users only and not all MediaFerry users were experiencing the issues. Here is a list of bugs that we've fixed in the MediaFerry system:

    1. The "Assigned On" column was not displaying the time/date properly but has been fixed now to populate correctly.

    2. The "Production Status" was showing different values in the List and Grid views, but this has been fixed so that it now displays consistent values across both views.

    3. A material ID mismatch between GAM and MediaFerry has been addressed. Jobs will now only move to the "GAM Failed" status if no assets have been uploaded in GAM. MediaFerry will upload all the material IDs in GAM and make an activity log. If some material IDs are not uploaded, or if additional sizes are required from GAM that are not present in MediaFerry, MediaFerry will upload what is available and make a log entry of the missing or required items. This will help to ensure that all required assets are uploaded to GAM and properly tracked.