Improvements - May 2022 Last updated on 05/09/2022

Important Note: The items marked with * are customer-requested features and may not be present in all sites of MediaFerry.

1. MediaFerry Adpoint updated*

Any print and print subtype that was released to pagination will now be sent back to the AdPoint creative received flag.

2. Authorization Code and Access Token Variable Sizes updated

Auth0 is making the following changes:

  1. Access Tokens and Authorization Codes are types of OAuth credentials issued by the Auth0 platform in various flows. In some situations, the Auth0 platform issues a fixed-size opaque Access Token that is an identifier to information in a server's persistent storage. We are changing this process, and will instead issue a self-contained opaque Access Token to remove the need for persistently storing the access tokens to enhance the performance of the Auth0 platform.

3. MediaFerry's Custom Hub tab enabled*

MediaFerry has now enabled the custom Hub tab which will populate the hub info data received in the XML

4. MediaFerry Improvements

  1. Improved UI Action List-The current action list was not very user-friendly and people ended up clicking on the wrong action item from time to time which led to user frustrations. The all-new improved UI now darkens the roll-over colour from Gray to dark blue with the font text now being displayed in white.

  2. MediaFerry-assets-upload
  3. Timer warning at logout-Currently, when a user has a timer on for a job, Media Ferry prevents the user from logging out, presenting it with only two options i.e., OK and Cancel, which does the same thing i.e., take the user back to the list or the Grid view the user was on which is undesirable. As per the new update the user will now have the following three options:

  • Discard, which will discard the timer and allow the user to continue with the logout
  • Add Task, which opens the task pop-up and upon completion of adding the task the system should continue with the logout
  • Cancel, which should take the user back to the list/grid view he/she was on

5. MediaFerry Job Lifecycle report updated

MediaFerry job lifecycle report is updated and now will reflect the Sales rep and Sales assistant data.

6. GAM business logic updated for some clients*

Business logic is updated to send creatives in GAM having same size and different material. This is only done for some selected clients and may not applyt to all users.

  1. MediaFerry will now map all the material ids with the same size in GAM.

  2. In case of a reprocess, MediaFerry will deactivate all the creatives pushed earlier and upload new creatives with the same material ids. This will also work with material ids with same sizes.

  3. In case of rework and material id gets updated with the new version. MediaFerry will deactivate the old creatives pushed to GAM from MediaFerry.

7. Faster proof loading in MediaFerry

MediaFerry proof load time is reduced so that the user will experience better proof render speeds.

8. Freezing Allocation Pool once modified manually *

MediaFerry decides on an allocation pool each time a new XML feed from AdPoint is received, taking into account the publication (earliest one in case of multiple publications). Now MediaFerry will freeze the allocation pool if changed manually in MediaFerry even if a new feed is received.

9. MediaFerry GAM API update

MediaFerry current GAM API v202105 is now updated to the latest version.

10. MediaFerry Marketing Integration updates*

The orders with size 1x1 will be automatically removed in MediaFerry Studio so that they do not pass forward to the MediaFerry Marketing portal. Additionally, any preprint jobs which comes via spooler and is also of size 1x1 will now not be added in MediaFerry.

11. Spooler updated*

MediaFerry for digital jobs will copy the click URL, from the primary job to the pickup job for both 'straight pickups' and 'pickup with change.'

12. Smart Report fixed

Not showing correct data of pre-set dates like next week & next month on the second attempt. This is now fixed.

13. Auto email notification update

MediaFerry can now customize where to send a message when a user uses the ‘Reply to’ option on a MediaFerry auto alert email.

14. Proof with Query process updated in MediaFerry

Following are the updates made:

  1. When a job is moved to Proof with a query, an email can be triggered to the sales rep

  2. A designer when puts in a note for a Proof to Query job, the notes will now appear in the Message tab along with the other comments.

  3. A approver can now approve the proof if the job is in proof to query status. br>

15. SmartCorrect Update on Lift ads

Earlier when a job was built using SmartDesign and then used as pickup for another job. The user was not able to do SmartCorrect on the new job. MediaFerry now allows the Smartcorrect functionality in lift jobs that are built for picking jobs that have already used SmartDesign. SmartCorrect will now be enabled for the jobs which are lifted and have the parent job created using SmartDesign or SmartCorrect.

16. MediaFerry proofing updates

MediaFerry will count the total number of pushpins marked on a single or multiple proofs of the job and then can accordingly update the wanted date as per the agreed terms.

17. End of Campaign reports updated with new calculation logic*

End of Campaign reports for Web page takeovers has updated with new calculation logic for specific sites.

18. Separating view and Edit action

As soon as someone clicks on View/Edit, MediaFerry locks the job and prevents it from being edited by multiple users at the same time. This was creating issues when a user tried to open the job to see the information without wanting to make any changes while leaving it open for hours. To prevent these issues from happening in the future, MediaFerry has introduced a new feature called "View", which means once a user clicks on View, the user will only get to see the information about the job and is not able to make any changes to the order information form or upload/download assets or type any message or initiate the timer. The job metadata will remain frozen and will be greyed out except for the assets tab which will show only one option, and that is download for any and all assets in proof or project files. However, all other actions will be disabled. When clicking a job in list or grid view directly, it will open in View mode only, and in the 3 dots menu there will be an option named Edit, and clicking that will make the job editable and lock it as it does when we currently click on View/Edit.


19. Pickup files updated

These files are automatically created by MediaFerry when a reviewer rejects a pickup proof, which is set up by MediaFerry upon the execution of the pickup action either manually or by the spooler. However, these proofs remain in the Proof tab with the red circle showing the number of comments marked. These file(s) will move into the Previous proof tab and should start to show in the compare feature of the proofing component for the version 1 proof, and should be available under the hamburger menu of the compare feature like other revisions appear. Additionally, the following is updated on the workflow and applies to both digital and print orders: These file(s) will never download/upload upon check-out/check-in. These file(s) will not give the user the delete button like one can't delete the _1, _2, _3...etc. unlike previous proofs. These files will not come in the way of the release of the job and will not get picked into the new job.


Fixes - May 2022 Last updated on 05/09/2022

Important Note: The items marked with * are customer-requested features and may not be present in all sites of MediaFerry.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes*

Some of the MediaFerry users have reported bugs in the system though these were limited to a few users only and not all MediaFerry users were experiencing the issues. Here is a list of bugs that we've fixed in the MediaFerry system:

  1. Even if the MediaFerry job was closed properly by the user it got locked. This has now been fixed.

  2. SmartReports Data was displaying total time as 0. This has now been fixed.

  3. The following issues appearing in the Job life cycle report has now been fixed-

    1. Error/Change request showcasing n/a

    2. In case of no wanted date MedaiFerry was marking the jobs as late

    3. Allocation pool dates were not coming in the correct format in the downloaded CSV file*