New Features - November 2020 Last updated on 11/29/2020

Important Note: The items marked with * are customer-requested features and may not be present in all sites of MediaFerry.

1. New Multi-document Proofing in MediaFerry

We've updated MediaFerry's proofing system to allow multi-document proofing. The new proofing workflow will allow users to selectively approve or reject multiple documents within a single project.

2. Timeline-based Proofing for GIF Files

MediaFerry SmartProof now supports timeline-based proofing of animated gif format where a user can mark changes on individual frames i.e. timeline provided for proof. The user will have the functionality to pause the animation and mark-up the frames.MediaFerry-assets-upload

3. MediaFerry Single Sign-On

MediaFerry is now integrated with Auth0 and now supports Single Sign-On functionality. Login name and Forgot password have been removed from the MediaFerry login pages. MediaFerry will not have any users enter username/password on the login page instead it will have the option to log in from Google, Microsoft, or using Username and Password.

Using Google will use the google account, Microsoft will use Microsoft account and if the user wants to use username and password then the user name and password will be created on the Auth0 server and will be managed from their end for authentication.

Improvements - November 2020 Last updated on 11/29/2020

Important Note: The items marked with * are customer-requested features and may not be present in all sites of MediaFerry.

1. Improvements in MediaFerry Asset tab's UI/UX

Below is the list of improvements in MediaFerry Asset tab's UI/UX:

  1. The placement and UI of the MediaFerry Asset tab have been changed.
    • The Asset tab has been removed from the bottom of the view/edit form and placed on top in the same hierarchy as Order Info, Timesheet, Activity feed.MediaFerry-assets-upload
    • The total count of the asset will be shown inside the brackets.
    • Assets & Finished artwork in the asset Tab has been renamed to Project Files & Proof respectively.MediaFerry-assets-upload
    • Picked up assets will be arranged in the tabular form in the same hierarchy of Proofs & Project Files.

  2. The Proof tab has been moved under the Assets tab.
    • In the proofs tab, earlier we used to show both previous proofs and new proofs together. Now we will show them separately as two sub-options "Proof" (which shows all latest proofs) & "Previous Proofs" (which show all previous proofs created due to versioning).MediaFerry-assets-upload
    • Earlier when we rename a file from jobnumber.pdf to jobnumber_1.pdf, we were also changing the date and time to the time when we are modifying/renaming the file which is now rectified and it will now always show the date/time when it was originally added into MediaFerry.
    • Previous proofs will not be proofed in the Proofing window.
    • Previous proofs are now disabled to be moved or deleted. They can only be downloaded.

2. Improvements in MediaFerry Reporting

Below is a list of improvements in MediaFerry Reporting:

  1. New staging URL report for digital creatives
    Users can now download the Staging URLs for the digital jobs using a Staging URL report made available under SmartReports in MediaFerry. The report is downloadable in CSV format where in case of multiple Staging URLs for a single job will be populated in different rows in the downloaded report.MediaFerry-view-edit
  2. MediaFerry Timesheet Report is now available in SmartReports.
    MediaFerry users can now create/populate Timesheet reports directly from the SmartReports section. Users can also filter out the report by Logged Date or by Task Date during the report population.MediaFerry-view-edit
  3. New Ready for Production report now available in SmartReports.
    A new report named Ready For Production is now available under SmartReports in MediaFerry which will help users to check the number of jobs which are in production on a daily basis.MediaFerry-view-edit
  4. A new Quantity field was added in the Add Task popup. This field is also now captured in all SmartReports.MediaFerry-view-edit

3. Video ad trafficking in MediaFerry*

MediaFerry has been configured to automatically traffic Video ads based on the workflow. Also, End of Campaign reports has been updated to pull and showcase Video metrics.MediaFerry-view-edit

4. Google AdManager API Update

Google AdManager API has been updated to v202008. Additionally, for banners created via SmartDesign, we are also declaring the ATP partner as Google(id-229).

5. New Team filter added to MediaFerry*

Users can now filter jobs based on teams they belong to. Users can see and edit a job for their team or other teams by using this filter.

6. Automated UTM codes generation*

MediaFerry can now populate automated UTM codes as per the pre-defined business classification and Click URL.

7. Size Mismatch notification error has been improved

Earlier the size mismatch notification displayed the error in cms (centimeters) by default. This has now been improved to show the same measuring unit as mentioned in the metadata form.

8. SmartCorrect for Print now returns Pdf with crop marks

Currently in SmartCorrect for Print, when we request for a PDF, it returns the PDF without bleed and crop marks. In case of the magazine publications where the bleed is enabled and crop marks are in InDesign document then MediaFerry will now be exporting PDFs with Crop/Bleed marks.

Fixes - November 2020 Last updated on 11/29/2020

Important Note: The items marked with * are customer-requested features and may not be present in all sites of MediaFerry.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes*

Some of the MediaFerry users have reported bugs in the system though these were limited to a few users only and not all MediaFerry users were experiencing the issues. Here is a list of bugs that we've fixed in the MediaFerry system:

  1. When using Checkin-Checkout and marking corrections on Print jobs and then using SmartCorrect via Checkin-checkout was creating errors and the InDesign file was not available/present. This is now fixed.

  2. Multiple copy chase emails were being sent from MediaFerry. This is now fixed.

  3. When swapping between Grid View and the saved lists, the list does not show the exact values. This is now fixed.

  4. Using "Query" from MediaFerry was not sending emails to users in MediaFerry with Missing content. This is now fixed.