Analytics & Reporting

Learn how can you create a detailed report and analytics in no time.

To get started, select the option from the list below:

How to get an EOC (End of Campaign) report?

  1. From the MediaFerry Dashboard, select Requester mode from the drop-down at the top right of the screen.
  2. On selection, the report dashboard will open.
  3. Initially the dashboard will show 10 report Entries. To get previous reports, increase the entry numbers from the Entries drop-down list.
  4. To view End of Campaign report, select View Report button.
  5. The EOC report will open with overall campign details such as impressions, clicks, CTR, views, etc. mentioned in it.

How to manage a new report in MediaFerry

  1. Login to MediaFerry. From the MediaFerry Menu Page, select SmartReports highlighted under the Reports section at the top left side.
  2. To create new report, click New Report button at the top right of the screen.
  3. The SmartReports Builder page will open. Create your new report by adding column using the field form checkboxes’ and to get preferred filters add filter in Filters form. Click Search to view new report.
  4. Shortly, your report will display. If satisfied, download the report by selecting Export button and to save on MediaFerry select Save.
  5. While saving new report, you will be asked to add Report Name and Report Description. Also, you can share report with other MediaFerry users with view only or view/edit access. List the users name in Report Access field and mark view only/editable access in Report Privileges field.
  6. To discard report, click Close a pop-up will open asking whether you want to discard or not, select Yes and proceed.
  7. To reset report, hit Remove All Columns and proceed.

How to get job life cycle report in MediaFerry?

  1. Get the detailed report of all the changes or amends that a job went through in the job life cycle. To get the job life cycle report, visit SmartReports. Image highlighting the SmartReport Button
  2. Click on the Job Life Cycle Report button. Image Highlighting Job Life Cycle Report
  3. On click, the Job Life Cycle Report builder menu page will open. Select the time period of which the report/data is required, then select Search button to filter the entered data. Image of Job Life Cycle Builder Page
  4. Shortly, you will get the detailed report of the entered data. You can copy or download the data in CSV file. Image Highlighting Report

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